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February 25, 2019

People need emergency money all the time. Sometimes people are faced with a certain situation where despite their immense planning they might face a situation needing some money. To face these situations, the only solution is to take a loan from a bank or payday loans. Besides these methods, they can always try to get money from their friends or relatives. Getting a loan from a bank is a good option if the person has good credits. But if you have poor credits, then the loan will be immediately rejected.

Why banks reject our loan?

Every time a bank lends the money to a person, it takes a huge risk. The only reason the banks and every other money lender requires security or good credits is to make sure that the particular person is capable of returning the money based on their credit history and the security is required by the bank as a backup. If the person fails to pay back, they can use the security to regain their money by pledging and selling the property. So no banks will lend money without proper security papers or good credit history.

What is a payday loan?

The only other loan available in the market is payday loans. Payday loans are loans provided by private direct lenders who provide loans without checking any credit or security. The only disadvantage is they are mostly short-term loans and they have high-interest. These payday loan lenders(payday loans ireland) in order to cover the risks they are taking, by lending money to an unknown person without getting any form of backup or security charge high-interest rates.

Are the rumours true?

The payday loans have a large number of rumours surrounding them. Some of the common rumours are once a person get a payday loan they would not able to return it. But it should be understood that unless a person is willing to take another loan at the end of one loan, there is no one else who would force them. The executives and direct lenders also discourage taking continuous loans.  And another one of the common rumours is that the loan lenders will increase the interest rate and they will get some extra money in the middle of the loan process stating some extra charges. This is also not true considering that all the details and payments including the interest rates are initially explained to the customers by word and also mentioned in the agreement.

It is the duty of the people to read the agreement carefully and completely before signing it. Also, no one can force the citizens of the country to pay money that is not mentioned in the agreement and the government have also placed several rules to prevent the lenders from getting extra money. So there is no risk in getting a payday loan if the client is regular in his interest payments and final payment. At the same time, the person should also take a payday loan only as a last resort. If there is any other way of getting the money, then people can surely get it instead of getting a payday loan to preserve their money since the interest rate in payday loans is higher.

How to avail a payday loan?

Getting a payday loan is easier and can be easily obtained by approaching the payday lenders office directly or online. In the case of online loans, the person can directly visit the site of the lender and fill the application form. These online application based loans are called as doorstep loans or text loans. In doorstep loans, the executives will visit the client shortly after application. And after the initial formalities, the loan will be approved and the person can get their loan amount transferred to their bank account within hours.

The other form of online loan is text loan that can be obtained by sending a single text. After that, the customer should fill the application form and submit through online. The loan will be granted instantly and sent through the bank account of the person.

If the person is planning to get the loan directly, they can always visit the office avail the best loan that is suitable for them. There are various types of loans available for people like personalised loans, unemployment loans, debt consolidation loans, and loans for emergency conditions. People getting these loans should be above 18 years of age and should be a citizen of Ireland. There are also various repayment options available including repaying in instalments. The clients can choose any of these options and sign the agreement. These are mostly short-term loans with high-interest. But for people with bad credit loan is the only suitable option available in the market of Ireland.

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